Make your home smart

Give your home a brain and nervous system of its own. Teach it to perform actions in your absence and allow it to inform you on any deviations for you to take action. Importantly allow your home to give you information on usage trends so as to enable you to create savings.

You build it

We at Smart Dots believe in empowering you, the customer and letting you decide the kind of solution you want for your home. While we have tried making life simpler by creating packages, we believe that a one size fits all approach does not work all the time and our website along with our consulting service can help you build the exact solution that you require at the most optimal price.

Power in your hands

Perform actions anytime and anywhere via your mobile, tablet or laptop. Your instructions will be followed by your smart home. Gone are the days where you would be dependent on another person to perform an action for your house…

Safety / Security

We understand that safety of your loved ones is of paramount importance. Your smart home will come equipped with safety triggers that would automatically kick in at the time of hazardous situations like a fire, a break in, water leakage, carbon monoxide leak, etc.


Automate multiple actions based on time and events for your smart home to follow. Getting up to switch lights off, opening a door, reducing the temperature on your thermostat, arming your security system and connecting to your multimedia environment apart from others is history. Your mobile, tablet or laptop is the remote for your house.


Apart from ensuring that all devices that consume substantial energy are operating efficiently and thereby reducing cost, we at Smart Dots believe in being frugal. We help smarten your home by reusing your existing systems and without the high expense of contracts or luxury dealers and have built a solution that would eventually pay for itself by reducing wasteful consumption of your devices at home.